Mars Curiosity Confirms Noah’s Flood

PASADENA, CA–The Mars Curiosity project released photos earlier today which some say provide stunning proof for the accuracy of the Bible. Images taken from the surface of earth’s nearest neighbor clearly show geological strata or layers very similar to those seen on earth.

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Biblical apologists and defenders of a literal interpretation of the Creation and Flood stories in Genesis have long pointed to stratified rock formations as clear proof of a world-wide flood. Natural geological phenomena like the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon are cited as dramatic examples of geological layering that would have formed as the turbulent waters of the flood settled. Rapid erosion is said to have occurred in the Canyons as the flood waters receded.

The pictures created quite a sensation at the JPL Laboratories in Pasadena, CA. Dr. Bill Evenything, one of the supporting engineers on the Mars Curiosity project said “There are a lot of surprised people around here! When we saw those pictures come in, you could hear the gasps, and then you could hear all the atheists in the room start scratching their heads and rubbing their chins.”

“Now we can look at another planet and clearly see the same evidence. This is truly amazing!” said Dr. Morrey Henris, “I look at those pictures and ask my self how anyone today can doubt the Biblical record.”

In an interview, Dr. Henris went on to describe how Creation Scientists will now have the opportunity to revise their theories on how Noah’s flood actually took place. The first suggestion is that of course, the flood waters reached much higher than 40 feet above the mountains, and engulfed the red planet. “There are other theories already being floated” said Dr. Henris, “One of them being that the flood waters actually left this earth and went to Mars, which would explain where all that water went.”

Another theory is that the flood waters engulfed the planet Mars first, and then came to this earth. This would explain what the Bible means when it speaks of the “windows of heaven” being opened to create the downpour of the flood.

Reaction from Christian leaders has been equally enthusiastic. “Many people had thought the Mars Curosity mission would provide data that supports Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Today they were proved wrong. The Bible is true! There in front of our eyes is evidence of Noah’s flood!!!” said Dr. Crane Leg, a prominent Christian apologist.

Christian theologian and defender, Dr. Ravishing Zacharia said “We now must ask, what does this mean? Of course this is good news. But as with so many other Biblical truths there is bad news to go with it. That is the beauty of the Gospel. We must now ask does the blood of Jesus cover Mars as well? Did the grace of God provide a Noah for the planet Mars? These are important questions! God is so good.”

Discussion continues among Creationists as to which will be found first, the Noah’s ark of earth or the ark of Mars.

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One Response to Mars Curiosity Confirms Noah’s Flood

  1. Hmm, interesting. I think we must wait to see if fossils are found stratified in precise order of complexity, in line with the well-established results of any major flood. If we do, it’s self-evident that the flood extended all the way to Mars, proving God’s awesome power. If not, it clearly shows that God has a unique plan for Earth and mankind. Take that, atheists!

    (By the way, either way I’m sure it’s not part of God’s plan for Martians to marry. All those green tentacles, and slime and stuff – ugh!)